Ok, so, I'm a proud owner of this young girl. Her name's »Bounty« and she's a almost 1 yr and 7 month old boxer breed. Sometimes she just does stupid faces like these. #🐕

Finally moved out of twitter, after is back. 😱 "Deactivated" my profile there, the same way as J. Wildeboer did in that post (with less digital arts skill - ofc 😉)

👉 social.wildeboer.net/@jwildebo

So, .

Großartiger Tag; 2 Stunden Stadtverkehr auf dem Weg zur Arbeit - wenigstens war es warm, trocken und #🎶


Gerade erfahren, dass das Samsung keine unterstützt. Danke für nichts !!! #🤮

Can't wait for starting... #🐉

Anyone else still playing ?

Wondering, if I should setup a instance as well. 🤔 lemmy? 👉 github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy - something like

Es hilft (auf Dauer) nichts, wir brauchen dringend ein Relais, was alle deutschsprachigen Instanzen zusammenfasst.

So, it's again and i'm ready for the long already, only 4 meetings to go. 😂

Curiously watching what's happening in right now.

Need a good playlist on for today. Any suggestions (metal/metalcore/something comparable)?

Wondering why still got that limit of 48 characters for the secret.

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